Mary_Ann_Question-01The exact Mary Ann may have been lost to time, but we at S.Rosen's know who she was. She was the mother of her neighborhood, her house was open to everyone on their bungalow-lined street. If there weren't at least four neighborhood kids (in addition to her own) running around her house and yard, it meant it was school hours.

Her grocery list was never meant to feed just her family, because she was always ready to make room at the table for you. You were always too skinny to her, and you really should have seconds - and frankly why not dessert too? She was the hardest working, biggest hearted woman on the block, and she knew the power of good food.

Mary Ann was the heart of Chicago in thousands of neighborhoods. She bound this city together with good food and pride. And that's something we're proud to continue with every package of S.Rosen's Mary Ann Hot Dog and Hamburger buns.