Leprechaun Toasts made with Green River Soda

By: S.Rosen's Test Kitchen

The idea for this one came from my Mom’s tradition of dying my milk green on St. Patrick’s day. It spurred a lifelong belief that is a food can be green on St. Patrick’s day – it should be. 

Ready In

Total Time: 20 min
Cook Time Time: 15 min




  • 12 oz. Whipped cream cheese
  • 3 Tbsp. Green River syrup
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 Drop green river food dye
  • 8 Slices of S.Rosen's Wheat or White breads.
  • Festive Sprinkles
  • 1 Diced up kiwi
  • 1 Diced up Granny Smith apple.


  1. To prepare the Green River Syrup: Put 1 cup of Green river soda is pan and bring to a vigorous simmer until the liquid has reduced to 1/3 cup. Allow to cool. Can be made the day before
  2. Make the cream cheese spread: combine cream cheese, Green River syrup, vanilla extract and optional food dye.
  3. Spread the Green River spread on the toast. Top with sprinkles, kiwi and green apple. Enjoy!