Mini Cheetos Burger on Pumpernickel

By: S.Rosen's Test Kitchen

It’s the spookiest time of year and we’ve connected with our teenage goth selves to create some fun and cheeky appetizers for your next Halloween celebration.  These fright bites are festive and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Ready In

Total Time: 20 min
Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time Time: 15 min




Ingredients Per Mini Burger:

1.5 oz. burger patties (precooked weight), preferably a thin patty

1 Tbsp. Cheetos Dust

Yellow mustard


1 S.Rosen’s Party Entertainers pumpernickel rye slice


  1. Prepare the Mayo/Mustard combo using a 50/50 ratio. About 2 tsp per burger is needed. Set aside
  2. Crush up the Cheetos into large bits in a bowl.
  3. Cook the burgers by your preferred method.
  4. To assemble the burgers schmear a small amount of mayo on the pumpernickel slice, then place the burger on top. Spread the mayo/mustard on top the patty. Press the crushed Cheetos into the mayo mustard mixture. Serve and enjoy.